Ara & Aes Assortments

Ara and Aes offers a wide range of chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, candied grapes and a vaiety of treats that are great for any occasion!

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Whimsily Interiors

Whimsily is an interior design company that used our services for all that we have to offer, from social media, to branding, and overall strategy.


Portion and Harvest

Portion and Harvest is a startup food brand that focuses on giving back.  Together we can help change our community one portion at a time.

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Patient Care Guide

Patient Care guide is a start-up web-based company designed to help seniors needing long-term health care options find the best fit for them. DP created a marketing strategy and helped execute for their first few months of business to help get off the ground!

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Crazy Outdoor Mama

Stacy came to us with herself as her brand but also sold camp journals. We brought her brand and journals together and combined into effective social media campaigns, utilizing original content as well as the community management aspect of influencers and PR efforts to be mentioned in outdoor magazines.


Atlanta ShowGuide

Performing Arts Magazine is the premier source of information for Atlanta’s performing arts community. They came to us wanting to grow their social media following and engagement and have been growing at a great pace.

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Gurley Leep Automotive

My internship with Gurley Leep was a wonderful learning experience. Working closely with industry elites was an invaluable experience. I worked hard and learned a ton here, and the company saw my progress and rewarded me with a more challenging role.


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