Artist, Designer & Consultant

The past 2 years has been an incredible journey trying to figure out my passion. I finally found it and now we are here. Scroll down to hear about my story.


Hi I'm Miah! I thrive being my most creative and I've found my passion running my own business and helping others do the same. I started as a marketing consultant and along the way I fell in love creating content and graphic design


Me again! Three things I adore are cooking, make-up and hanging out with friends. Life wouldn't be as good without them.

When it comes to connecting with others, I am all in.


The Timeline


Marketing Intern

I graduated from the Holy Cross College with a degree in Business and minor in Marketing. During my senior year, I held an internship at Gurley Leep Automtove. After I graduated, I was offered a full-time job as a marketing specialist. One of the best parts about the opportunity are to get to try new jobs and create different marketing experiences.


SIde Hustle

After being at my previous job for four years I began exploring new opportunities. I received a promotion and started earning some extra cash, but it was only enough to cover the essentials, so I turned to design as a way to earn more. It was something enjoyable that I could do on the side, but working a full time job and designing on the side was tough, so the side hustle started as a very slow thing that I could only do in the evenings. As my side business grew and my income from it increased, I knew if i wanted to make this a success something had to give


The Real Beginning

I got unexpectedly laid off in the begining 2020 and suddenly had a huge chunk of time to start working on my business. This was it. This was the time i needed to kickstart everything. So I put in the hours into finding clients, growing my social media, becoming a better designer and it paid off. I gained confidence, freedom and I haven't looked back.

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