Divinely Planted Marketing Co. is a marketing company that helps small businesses grow by crafting visual content and developing marketing strategies.


From Corporate Creative to a Faith-Based Freelancer:

When I was unexpectedly laid off in January 2020, I knew I had to make a big change. I was tired of not using my creativity and education to their full potential. After "burning out" from a daily grind of 9-5 corporate life, I wanted to build a meaningful career on my own terms!


I thought to myself, sure this is terrible news and it’s a lot of money to not have coming in but I’m also on to something! I don’t know how, but I am fortunate to be out of work now. This is an opportunity for me to cultivate some side income and give my dream of being a full time freelance graphic designer.

Thankfully at the time I had one client I was managing social media for as a side hustle. I thought if I had a few more clients, I could make this freelance gig a full time job. I have face many challenges in the process of crafting my own small business. These challenges have equipped me with strength, perseverance and knowledge. Now I have produced a business that is proud to help other small businesses flourish.


We offer branding design, which helps bring visual consistency to your small business. We also, offer social media content creation and strategy, which ensures you stay connected and engaged with your target audience.


I take the time to listen to client goals. I believe that all things are possible with God and every opportunity is a gift or lesson. Customers want to conduct business with people, not an institution.

Building this relationship takes time, but establishes a highly differentiated position.


More people will be encouraged to build  small businesses inspired by their calling and purpose.

The power of community and networking will be utilized in all aspects of life.

Others will feel confident and upheld by a strong team when they begin to develop their enterprise.



  • We will have faith

  • We will thrive together

  • We will deliver quality over quantity

  • We can dare to take risks

  • We have freedom